Our approach is based on a genuine understanding of our clients’ needs.

This informs the way we identify the right strategy, investment approach and succession plan.


You don’t want change for the sake of change. Important relationships need to be protected. We can provide a strategic audit that looks at everything from your investment strategy and performance to the fees your trustees and professional adviser charge.

You will benefit from our families’ own personal experiences. If you decide to change something, we can take care of any subsequent reorganisation.


We can manage your family’s investments on our own platform or monitor other institutions who manage portfolios for you.

We feel that large institutions tend to to be introverted, hamstrung by regulation and have too many assets to access niche investments and too many clients to offer the services that people really need. We hope we have a smarter approach.


We typically use diversified portfolios of carefully selected funds run by the best and most interest-aligned managers. We take advantage of our partners’ expertise in equity, fixed income, alternative investments and private equity to do this and find the right asset mix for each client.

All our portfolios have different characteristics and we start our thinking afresh with each new client.

We identify club deals that allow our clients to invest closely with one another in opportunities not otherwise accessible. For us, the best judges of a jurisdiction or sector are the families that have spent decades living and working in them.


Ultimately, the greatest challenge a family faces is to ensure that their legacy is preserved as it passes to the next generation. We can share our own direct personal and professional experience of succession planning.

We have built a platform that we intend will outlast us and be there to protect our own and our clients’ families in the long run.

We can provide presentations and data to address all due diligence questions. Please just ask.