Our interests must be as closely aligned as possible with those of our clients

We are not just saying this. If you can think of a way of enhancing our alignment, please tell us. We invest right alongside you, with no special deals – paying the same fees and sharing the success when things work and feeling the pain when they do not.

We have the expertise and experience to buy services alongside our clients.


Our clients must feel completely at home

Clients spend time in our office, the whole family knows the whole team. The Holbein process is transparent – if a client wants to attend an investment committee meeting or a manager interview, we welcome it.

To put it simply, we want to work with people who like it here.


Our clients just want good business sense, honesty and a rigorous process

That is what we want too. None of us are private bankers. We speak plainly and avoid jargon. We built Holbein because we found that the market could not provide the offering that our own families needed.

Holbein is here for our clients, whatever they need.


Our clients are partners too

We want the whole of Holbein to be greater than the sum of its parts, by making sure that we pool the insights of all clients.

The perspectives that you bring, whether related to investments, jurisdictions or just past experiences in dealing with wealth, is hugely important to us.


We want to build a unique business for the very long run

We set up precisely because we wanted a different kind of business for our own families.

We want Holbein to work for the coming generations as well as this one.


A successful family strategy needs more than good investment management

Implementing the long term plan for a family involves all sorts of different skills and disciplines. Whilst it is crucial to make sure that investment portfolios are properly managed, other aspects of strategy must be fully integrated.

Effective philanthropy, intelligent structuring, good governance and nimble operations are central to providing the service that clients deserve.


Our philosophy is to find very long term partnerships with people we trust

We have done this with each other. Read our biographies and you will see that together we have a long history and a broad reach.

If you are interested in learning more about Holbein, we would be delighted to meet you.